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  1. Hi Kirie,
    Just found your great web page via Twitter. Love the lay out and content. Thought I’d drop a note and say hello. Big fan of (early) Stephen King. Have to say not read his latest stuff, any recommendations? At the moment I’m reading Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Haunted; a collections of short stories and poems (not such a poetry fan myself, but bad poetry sounds fun, I’ve dabbled in that). Anyway, the stories are interconnected by the characters within the book, quite an interesting idea.
    at the moment I’m writing a collection of interconnecting urban horror stories all set on the same street.
    Vampolice, sounds intriguing, good luck with the novel
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Glenn, i’m sorry for the late reply to this comment; i’ve only just found it!

    I can recommend The Dark Tower series by the great man! Read and enjoy.

    Good luck with your own writing it sounds excellent, just my cup of tea.

    Thanks again & best wishes


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