Another sample – Short, short story “Feral”



He’s growling and barking in the corner of this damp and filth covered room.

“It’s ok honey,” I whisper, “don’t be scared.”

I’m not frightened, just wary; he’s still just a little boy above all else.

Others in the rescue party stay well back behind me, fear and pity painted on their faces like emotional clowns. This makes me angry, “Show no emotion!” I had instructed. They ignored me. They will all suffer for it later.

Fourteen dogs were counted in total as they removed them. Though well fed and looked after, they were as wild as the child who cowered before me now.

Animal stench permeated the air and impregnated my clothes with its foul odour. I wish that I had worn an old suit.

He howls, everybody jumps and squeaks. Tears stream down his drawn and dirty face. Large brown tortured eyes stab me straight through the heart and I find it hard to breathe.

This child’s pain is not mine to feel.

I reach out my hand, slow and fluid. He growls and snaps his jaws within inches of my fingers, I don’t flinch.

“Come on sweetie, you’re safe now” I say. My voice wavers.

I hold back my tears.

“You’re safe now Jamie, please don’t be frightened.”

Jamie’s big eyes saucer. His face changes as he recognises his name.

  1. This is a truly enticing, gripping little flash story. The only stumbling moment for me was the word, “impregnated” but that’s just word choice, a very personal thing, and since I assume the narrator is female (I could be wrong or it may not matter) then I can see why this word was chosen.

    Well played.

  2. Thank you so much for reading the story & giving great advice! I agree about the word impregnated, it sounds a little “out of it” in the sentence. I’ll have a think….. Thanks again Jason 🙂

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